Welcome to Backpackers St. Pauli. To make hostel life easier here are our rules of the house:

Check-In / Check-Out


We would like to point out that intoxicated guests will not be checked in.


Valid documents for check-in are: ID card, passport, driver's license. Health insurance cards, student or school IDs, or no documents at all are unfortunate – then you cannot stay with us.


During check-out, please remove the bed linen and place it in the carts downstairs.


Earliest Check-In: 2:00 PM


If rooms are available and clean, we are happy to check in earlier.


Check-Out: 11:00 AM


We would like to inform you that for a late check-out, an additional night will be charged. We reserve the right to request a deposit of €100 per room upon arrival for group bookings of over 8 people.


For underage guests traveling without parents, we need a written consent from both parents (or all legal guardians), copies of the ID cards of both parents, and phone numbers where they can be reached in case of emergency.


Bed Linen, Locker


Guests are responsible for making and removing their own beds. The bed linen is in the room in the locker. You are responsible for locking your rooms and safely storing your belongings.


The use of personal bed linen, sleeping bags, or using the bed without bed linen is prohibited and will be charged a cleaning fee of €50.


Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs


Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire house, and smoking by the window does not count as being outside. If caught, you may expect to be checked out. Alcohol consumption in the rooms is not allowed.


There is a common room for your own drinks, or you can come to the bar and have drinks served there. The use of drugs is not desired inside or in front of our house.


Quiet Hours


From 10:00 PM, quiet hours must be observed. This especially applies to rooms with balconies. If peace is not restored even after a warning from the staff, we are entitled to ask guests to leave the premises.


In the lounge and in front of the house, we also ask for a reduction in noise after 10:00 PM.




Whoever makes a mess must clean it up, whether it's dishes, leftovers, trash, etc. We are not your mothers and won't clean up after you. Please note that in case of misuse of the lounge, we can close it without further notice.


After 10:00 PM, we request room volume.


Closing Words


We would like to emphasize again that it is important to follow the instructions of our team. All team members have the right to enter your room at any time if there is suspicion of a violation of the rules.


Please consider that in St. Pauli, we are known for being liberal and alternative, and we do not accept rude behavior, sexism, racism, or homophobia. Show consideration and behave accordingly.


From March to November, on weekends, we have a minimum stay of 2 nights. However, we have a small contingent for single travelers for one night.


Group bookings are subject to separate house rules (deposit for rooms, group sizes, curfew etc.).


If you are participating in a group trip, feel free to contact us at

Please note that we do not host Stag parties or Hen's nights.


Backpackers St.Pauli

Bernstorffstraße 98

22767 Hamburg



Phone: +49 (0)40-23517043 


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