Welcome to Backpackers St. Pauli. To make hostel life easier here are our rules of the house:

Check-In / Check-Out

Please note that we won't check in drunk people. Believe in us, we know why.


Valid ID
At check in we ask for personal ID, passport or drivers license. You need at least one of these documents. Otherwise we regret and cannot check you in. I
f you are carrying a sleepingbag, own bedlinen or camping gear with you - sorry buddy we must store it for the length of your stay. These items are not allowed in the dorms. You'll get them back at departure.


Earliest Check-In: 15:00h

Earliest check in is when rooms are neat and clean but at least at 15:00h.


Check-Out: 12:00h

If you check out later please note that we charge every 30 minutes 5€ up to an extra night.

On the day of check-out please pull off the bedlinen and bring them to the laundry bags on the groundfloor.


Group bookings will be charged at arrival with a safety deposit of 100€ per room. The deposit will be paid back after room check at departure.


Guests under 18 must show a permit of their parents, copies of their ID and a contact number.

Rooms, Beds & Lockers

When you are checked in, please put bedlinen on your bed and put the note with your name on the clip.

You are responsible for your belongings. The keys for the lockers are available at the reception and ensure always that the room door is locked when you leave.

Hot food in the rooms cause unpleasant odors. Please eat and drink in the lounge in the lounge or backyard.


From 22:00 please reduce the noise to a minimum. Using the balconies after 22:00h is not allowed. Sorry, we are surrounded by residentals – this is not a party area...(the one you are looking for is just 10 minutes by walk.)


Smoking, alcohol & drugs

Our hostel is a non smoking hostel. Smoking at the window is not considered outside ;-) Feel free to use our backyard till 22:00 or smoke in front of the hostel.

We don't like the smell of spilled alcohol in our rooms – drinking is allowed in the lounge, the backyard or order drinks at the bar.


Please don't use drugs in or in front of the hostel. We are close to a police station and we don't want to get in trouble and we guess you don't want trouble too. ;)


Please reduce the noise after 22:00h. As mentioned before – the party area is 10 minutes by walk.



The lounge/kitchen is not big and it is essential that everybody takes care and act social. That means: CLEAN YOUR MESS AFTER COOKING! Just note that we are allowed to close down the lounge kitchen, if our advise concerning dirt or volume will be ignored.


Closing words

Our staff has householders rights and is allowed to enter the rooms if hostel rules are ignored.
Remember that we are described as liberal and alternative. But this does not mean that we tolerate fascism, racism, discrimination, rude behaviour, sexism and homophobia. Respect is what's all about.

Backpackers St.Pauli

Bernstorffstraße 98

22767 Hamburg



Phone: +49 (0)40-23517043 


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